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hi everyone!

hi everyone, feeling a little emotional at the mo, but i have been surfing on the internet, and read panic's offical site, when i finally got the internet installed on my laptop! yeeahhh! lol! came across this journal entry:

09.09.2006 - your a naughty one, saucey jack
were alive! how are you guys! im doing awesome. my laptop is getting fixed right now, im updating with my mothers computer (thank you mom, your the best). when my laptop gets back i have some pictures to post on the website from our europe trip. im afraid im not going to have any pictures for september since were all relaxing and being boring, sooo.. if you guys start a live journal thread and post your own panic related pictures in the comments, ill pick 20 of them for the september photo album. weeee! just please keep one main thread, maybe even with this journal entry as the first post. and please, panic related and nothing that you wouldnt want your parents to see. besides all that. THANK you all for voting for us, we had no doubt that our fans would pull through like that. you are and always will be the best. tickets for the november tour are starting to go on sale so get those, well all hang out. i have to run to the grocery store to buy some corn on the cob to make. miss you, BYE!

ps. get off the internet and enjoy the rest of summer :)

- JON WALKER!?>!?!@

i no that there is a thread on the patd community, just thought the uk fans should get in there as well. 

anyways, catch u all later,

kamcorder* XXX
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