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Hey, sorry, I realise this is in the wrong place but I wasn't sure where else to put it, I was looking for someone to anonypenpal with and, well, someone from bandom would be pretty awesome...

In case anyone doesn't know what anonypenpaling is it's basicly like normal penpaling except you are annonymous and don't tell each other what you're like, you find out through the emails.

It's loads of fun so if anyones interested I'm amnesty4broken.hearts@googlemail.com

new photos!

hey! i just posted this on my lj and thought it might be of some interest to y'all! :)
ta ra... peter. x


so, i'm back home, i've slept, i've fixed up my new website and i'm working on the thousands of tour photos and hours of video i have to work through!

i've been uploading heaps and heaps of stuff onto my new site to try and get the amount of photos on there back up to the level of peterhill.net v1.0! getting there slowly and the latest stuff i've got up is a brand new photoset of panic at the disco doing their thing at the roundhouse in london from before i went away on tour.

click here to check it out on my new site, and i've stuck a few of them below here too!
everythings all working on my site now, domain names are transferred, working and emails are back up and running. go check it out if you haven't yet!
ta ra... xxxxxxxxxxx


comeandpanicatthediscoinhereCollapse )
helena (smile)

decaydance fest

are any of you going decaydance fest london?
and if you are, do you have any spare tickets, or know anyone who does?
since they're like £70 on ebay ¬_¬
let me know how much you'd want for em? [i only need two]
thanksss :D
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new icon set :D

new icon set from me.

[14] Panic! at the disco (majorly Ryan and Brendon heavy)
[3] Brand New icons
[8] Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon] icons
[1] Panic!/Fall Out Boy Friends Only Banner
[1] Random Brand New banner

i hope you like them.
please give me a comment and tell me what you think :)
if you want to use them, please credit me in your lj user pictures comments.
and drop me a comment just to let me know you're taking them and tell me if you like them :)

i am open to suggestions and questions. if you want to know how anything was done, i can do my best to help you or write a tutorial for you when my exams are over.

thank you!


(i used to know the name of every person i'd kissed)

charlotte xxxxxxxxxx
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so i dont't know if this been posted before, if yes i am sorry.
but i was wondering in this one interview from the Kerrang! Brendon said he never had a girlfriend til now. But he was going out with Audrey Kitching wasn't he?
I am a bit confused... sorry if this topic seems unimportant, but i just was wondering..
I would be happy if someone could answer...
Ps: Sorry if my english isn't that good,i am from germany.. =)

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