peter_hill (peter_hill) wrote in patduk,

new photos!

hey! i just posted this on my lj and thought it might be of some interest to y'all! :)
ta ra... peter. x


so, i'm back home, i've slept, i've fixed up my new website and i'm working on the thousands of tour photos and hours of video i have to work through!

i've been uploading heaps and heaps of stuff onto my new site to try and get the amount of photos on there back up to the level of v1.0! getting there slowly and the latest stuff i've got up is a brand new photoset of panic at the disco doing their thing at the roundhouse in london from before i went away on tour.

click here to check it out on my new site, and i've stuck a few of them below here too!
everythings all working on my site now, domain names are transferred, working and emails are back up and running. go check it out if you haven't yet!
ta ra... xxxxxxxxxxx
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